I have come to define art as all encompassing like the metabolic process. It is in every living thing, in every experience. My desire in making artwork is to re-connect to the authenticity that exists in nature, to remind us of our core instincts. In my current work I am responding to the psychological impact of “action and reaction.” Sir Isaac Newton explained in his third law of motion that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. I like to think of this law in metaphorical terms beyond the literal mathematical implications. I believe that we exist in a constant state of action and reaction – every being is psychologically reacting to every action around us. I believe through continuously acting and reacting we transfer our emotions to others. Through the process of continual action and reaction, things begin to lose meaning and importance through repetition. As meaning is lost, a void is created. My work responds to that void. To transfer the emotion we are encountering variety of complications because of strong ideological beliefs dominate our mind in every moment. We are just spent whole life running and seeking a warm place.

  • Sound Sculpture, Handmade Mylar Jacket
  • 00:01:49 Minutes (Loop)
  • March 2018